Bruce and Jill Wolfe

Mary Esther, Florida

"I just wanted to convey my appreciation and satisfaction with the staff at Insight Financial Solutions for straightening out our tax issues. We let it get way out of hand, but your staff did an excellent job resolving our issues.

Your staff NEVER made us feel like worthless people or that we were not important, but that a situation got out of hand and you were there to help us through it all. We thank you for helping us through this nightmare and resolving our tax issues once and for all."

Kim B.

Silver Spring, Maryland

"Due to an unfortunate personal circumstance I'd become severely behind in my taxes. I received a call from Insight Financial Solutions in Florida offering their services and I agreed to let them handle my back-tax situation. I was quickly assigned to a knowledgeable, patient and kind tax attorney who made my journey to 'back-tax' freedom virtually painless. Everyone I encountered by telephone at Insight Financial Solutions was helpful and courteous. I'm truly grateful to my team of specialists for helping to set me free! Thank you Insight Financial Solutions."

David Cowell

Vanceboro, North Carolina

"Many thanks to the staff at Insight Financial Solutions. They have proven themselves to be knowledgeable, courteous and efficient in dealing with the IRS on my behalf. They did not offer me a "pie in the sky" solution as some companies do and have been realistic regarding my situation and what my expectations should be. They have stood between me and the IRS so that my communication with the IRS has been minimal. It is a pleasure working with Insight Financial Solutions and I recommend their service to anyone who has to deal with the IRS."

Jay Gunkelman

Crockett, California

"My experience with Insight Financial Solutions has been first-rate, right from the start. As you know, I am quite disabled, and without the firm's extensive help in first re-creating my fiscal records, and then in presenting them in a systematic way to the IRS and State Tax agents, I'm afraid I would have had a dramatically different outcome. When I say I could not have done this without your firm, I mean just that. I could never have done this myself. Undoubtedly I would have had a fiscal collapse under the weight of the IRS pressures. Your firm's efforts not only presented the data to the IRS and State, but also negotiated a reasonable payment plan for the dramatically reduced total debt. My fragile personal medical condition only allows minimal work time each day, and I was able to continue to spend my precious productive work time making my consulting income, instead of spiraling downward... spending productive time trying to recreate my fiscal record. I have emerged from under a dark cloud which was sucking the remaining joy out of life's daily experience with worry and depression. Now I have a path forward, thanks in no small part to your intervention on my behalf, stopping the block on my banking, and interceding between me and the agencies. Thanks for all your efforts... they are appreciated!"

Tammy Day

Economy, IN

"I just wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate the tax help we received from all of you at Insight, regarding my husband's tax problems. As you know, with your help, his federal taxes were reduced to one-third of what it would have been if we had tackled this on our own. His state taxes were reduced more than that. We were informed of tax rules that pertained to his unique situation that we didn't know about or how to take advantage of.

Before coming to Insight, we had hired a different company, which was highly advertised in the media. They did nothing to reduce our tax debt, but only offered to assist us with a payment plan. Because of our experience with the other company, we were skeptical at first. But Insight drastically reduced our debt AND negotiated a payment plan for us. Everyone who helped us at Insight was very knowledgeable, friendly, and available. If they were on another line; they would call us back right away. Tax problems can be very stressful, but now we're on the right track and can start to put it all behind us. It was money well spent hiring Insight, because in the end, it saved us."

Ron Christian

Philadelphia, PA

"Buried under a number of years of unfiled tax returns which began with my wife’s illness, and unable to cope with the situation, I turned to the largest tax-resolution company for assistance. They put a huge burden on me to supply information and do all of the work. That costly mistake on my part left me with zero progress. I luckily touched base with Insight Financial Solutions and was carried through the process by the true professionals who work there. They made the catch-up process and my fairly complicated situation as easy as it could been. My taxes are taken care of—I ended up with as good a resolution as I could have hoped for. A huge burden gone thanks to Insight Financial Solutions. A great service that I would not hesitate to recommend."

W. Barrett

Indianapolis, Indiana

"I would like to express my gratitude to the staff of Insight Financial Solutions for (1) taking the initiative in contacting me about an untimely tax matter that had arisen, and (2) for the efficiency with which they obtained resolution of the matter on my behalf. Within a few weeks, the Insight staff resolved a matter that an agency that preceded them had not been able to resolve in over a year. Insight Financial Solutions, thank you very much!"

Jerame Patterson

Palm Bay, Florida

"My experience with Insight Financial Solutions has been a great one to say the least. I was very impressed with how the staff kept me well informed throughout the process. Before I was contacted by Insight, I was involved with another company thinking we were in the process of tackling my tax debts. However, the other company was a major disappointment. While comparing the two, it was plain to see that there was no comparison! As I began my process with Insight Financial Solutions, I had the pleasure of working with experienced individuals who in turn were able to resolve my horrible tax situation. I am very appreciative of their knowledge and expertise in this matter and I am relieved to have been able to put my issues with the IRS in the past. Thank you for all you've done. It's a great feeling to know this is all behind me."

Jeffrey Carl Hendershot

Claremont, California

"My experience with Insight Financial Solutions has always been, and i'm sure will continue to be, one of trust and professional service. Everyone from the the person who answers the phone to the enrolled agents and the tax attorneys know how to listen to your problem and direct you to the the right person to get it resolved... Letting Insight handle my tax issues was one of the best decisions I have ever made... Peace of mind is priceless when it comes to personal finances and Insight has given me that and more. Thank you Insight!"

Jennifer and Andrew Voss

Upstream Installation Inc.

"Within six weeks, Ron Gustafson has helped my husband and I come to a realistic understanding of our financial situation with the IRS and our other debts owed. We have made some very important life-changing decisions based on the counsel and guidance provided by Ron and his staff and are now able to move forward with our dreams and family life. The availability of staff and knowledge that they offer are comforting. I love knowing that I can call my Insight tax professional, Carl Ellefson, with any question whatsoever and she will answer the phone and answer my question, in a timely and accurate manner. Our situation is resolved with the IRS, and I have complete faith in the entire Insight Financial Solutions family. I trust that they will help and guide us every step of the way and that they will do everything within their power to get us the most financial freedom possible."

Samantha Barker

Barker Health Care Inc.

"Having problems with the IRS can be an extremely stressful and financially devastating experience. We were faced with this battle recently and struggled for years using different attorneys trying to get things resolved to no avail. We were getting liens on our vehicles, personal property and levies on our accounts and even IRS agents knocking on our front door. We were at our wits end!

I received a phone call from Ron Gustafson at Insight Financial Solutions and something about him set him apart from the other thousand callers wanting to help us. We decided to give Insight a try. Within months Ron and his wonderful team were able to work with the IRS, get all liens removed, no more fear of levies and even SETTLE with the IRS and get us on a payment plan that is actually affordable. Insight Financial Solutions saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars where other attorneys had failed. I highly recommend them to assist you with any difficulties you may be facing."

Managing Member

Rexroats Distinctive Dining, LLC

"We have had a very positive experience with Ron Gustafson and his staff at Insight Financial Solutions. We became delinquent on our 941’s for $70,000. The IRS became extremely aggressive with us, visiting our home, and demanding a meeting. We discussed the situation and agreed to furnish the information as requested. The Revenue Officer told us if we followed the deadlines, there would be no action against us until they had time to review and develop a pay plan. Within 30 days we received a tax lien notice and they levied our business account.

Insight quickly contacted the IRS and got the IRS to return the levied funds to our account. They understand what the IRS can and cannot do legally. This took all the stress off of us. Insight was able to get our account deemed uncollectible. We are now working with Insight on the Trust Fund Recovery and are expecting similar results.

Going it alone with the IRS can be a disaster; I recommend you use Insight Financial Solutions."

Marilee Gilliom

Wailuku, Hawaii

"I would like to highly recommend Insight Financial Solutions for any tax problems with the IRS or State. My husband and I owed an extremely high amount of taxes - both business and personal. We found our needs were met daily with constant follow through. Insight Financial Solutions was able to stop our liens right away and bring our Offer in Compromise down to an amount we could afford.

The staff and owners were extremely professional, giving my husband and I personal comfort. They explained step by step and resolved everything in a short amount of time."

Charles G Loud III

Mesa, Arizona

"Having made some serious mistakes with my Federal income taxes over the years, I enlisted Insight Financial Solutions, LLC for help getting my situation straightened out. It was way over my head and I was feeling very lost.

They were extremely helpful. Each and every step was explained before we committed to it. I was kept informed along the way. When I did not understand the situation, they were very patient and explained the matter to me in layman's terms. The outcome was great. I sincerely recommend them."

Barbara Hepburn

Memphis, TN

"Insight Financial Solutions has done an outstanding job for me. I was many years behind in filing my business and personal taxes and the IRS was getting ready to levy on my income. I got a call from Ron Gustafson at Insight and talked with him at length. I must admit, I was skeptical at first because they were an out-of-state company but they quickly gained my trust and they have lived up to their word.

I found the company to be highly ethical and professional and helpful. I highly recommend Insight Financial Solutions to anyone with IRS problems."

Richard A Koester

Sebastian, Florida

"I hired Insight Financial Solutions in August of 2009. At that time I owed the Internal Revenue Service $139,512.95. The staff at Insight Financial Solutions filed my missing state and federal returns and was able to successfully get all of the penalties and interest associated with the debt abated. My account was settled for $24,617.75. I recommend Insight Financial Solutions to anyone who needs tax resolution. There staff is extremely knowledgeable, courteous and professional. I love the fact that the staff was always available to take my calls, and answer all my questions. These guys are a top notch outfit!"

Laura Phillips

Glendale Heights, IL

"I greatly appreciate all the work Insight Financial Solutions has done for my husband and I. If it wasn’t for Insight Financial Solutions we would really be in debt to the IRS. My husband was self employed and had a lot of unfiled taxes. Insight contacted me just in time before the IRS was going to freeze our accounts and possibly take everything we had, which isn’t much. Insight stepped in just in time to stop the freeze and levy on our assets. We didn’t even realize this was going to happen until Insight contacted us. It was a blessing in disguise. We are now all current with the IRS and have no tax liability. Insight Financial Solutions and Lucinda Cummins thank you for all your hard work and determination to unbury us from our tax debt.

If anyone out there has similar problems or issues with the IRS, I would definitely recommend Insight Financial Solutions. They were life savers. Thank you again Insight Financial Solutions. You saved us."

Ofield Dukes

President, Ofield Dukes & Associates

"My professional experience with Insight Financial Solutions, LLC has been overwhelmingly positive. The staff has been transparent in maintaining regular communications and has demonstrated a determination to achieve its goals on my behalf. And I am pleased to say that Insight Financial Solutions, LLC was successful in achieving its goals on my behalf. I am most appreciative of the high ethical standards, professionalism, and inter-personal relations of the Insight Financial Solutions, LLC staff. It was, indeed, a pleasure doing business with this company and I will recommend them to those who would need their services."

John Black

Marina Del Rey, California

"I came to Insight because of the severe problems I was having with the IRS. Frankly, I thought I was in a hopeless situation and was desperate. The staff at Insight worked with the IRS on my behalf and convinced them to take a position that was very acceptable to me.

I can't thank them enough for what they have done. Personally, I can recommend their service to anyone with IRS problems."

Troy Dowdy

Umpire, Arkansas

"The staff at Insight Financial Solutions resolved our tax concerns in an extremely prompt and courteous manner. We originally owed the IRS over $150,000 and within two weeks Insight was able to reduce our liability by 100k! Not only did they dramatically decrease the amount we owed, but they filed all our missing tax returns and treated me with respect.

I will highly recommend this firm to anyone with tax issues."

Angelo Gilvary

Cocoa, Florida

"I came to Insight Financial Solutions because I had past due tax returns and was receiving letters from both the IRS as well as a few different states that I had worked in. Within three days, Insight had all collection activity halted from the IRS. They prepared all of my missing returns and were able to get me back to a status of full compliance with the States and IRS.

They also set me up on an installment plan with the IRS that I can afford. The fear and worrying is now gone. I can't tell you how pleased I am with their knowledge, professionalism, and the speed at which they work. I would highly recommend Insight Financial Solutions to any individuals or businesses with tax issues."